Notting Hill is perhaps the centre of attraction of western London. It was just a village till decades. After the mid 90s century, James Weller Ladbroke established it as the neighborhood. Also, it is the first choice of artists and middle people. During the mid 20th century, still there was violence against racial immigrants, but slowly it kept on developing, bringing lots of prosperity here.

Today Notting Hill sets up itself as the centre of attraction and has the title of neighborhood. In fact, the film Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant from 1999 played a keen role to focus the eyes of the world on Notting Hill.

The things must to do in Notting hill 

Churchill Arms for drinks

It is a famous and well-known pub in Notting hill that you can’t resist to visit. It is the best in serving drinks. Named as Churchill arm on Winston Churchill, you find an ode into the Pub.

Cute cozy cafés

When you are visiting to Notting hill, you will find a bunch of cute cozy cafés which you can’t resist to go. Once a visit is must. These cozy cafés give your mouth a sugary treat with ample of tastes and flavors of coffees, lattes, tea, and cookies that you will never forget.


If you are here in London during August, then you must never miss the Notting hill carnival, which is the two days street party event and celebrates Carribean culture. It grew up from a few hundreds of visitors in the past decades to millions of visitors in the present time.

The Portobello Road Market

The Portobello Road Market street is best for vintage shopping and antiques. It is a must visit place on Saturdays.

St Luke’s Mews 

Mews stands for cute and colorful houses that are in avenues of mansions. They are used to keep horses. Their beautiful colors attract the visitors most.

Never been less more to add in this visiting list is the book shops and Hyde Park adds another beauty to this list which is a must to visit.

Apart from this, one can also find London escorts and models there to add-up to the spice of the place. 

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